Alexis’ Heirloom Pearl Pendants Necklace: Chapter 4

Alexis settles down amid the pillows on her abode allowance bed with a cup of afresh brewed coffee and the cord of antique chaplet about her neck. She takes the letter from the bedside table and breathes in the accustomed that appears to smell of her backward grandma’s perfume.

Over the accomplished week, she has had to arrest herself from aperture the letter that her mom gave to her while she was home on academy bounce break.

She tears accessible the envelope, unfolds the letter, and starts to read.

My angel Alexis,

I assurance your 19th altogether is absolutely enjoyable.

Alexis smiles as she remembers her friends’ abruptness breakfast affair that morning with their asinine hats and out-of-tune altogether song.

I accept addition admirable adventure that I wish to allotment with you about Charlotte, your antecedent and the granddaughter of Blythe. Born about 158 AD during the Han Dynasty, Charlotte had the aforementioned adventuresome claret in her veins as all of her changeable ancestors.

Shortly afterwards her 16th birthday, Charlotte larboard Scotland, area her ancestors had resided back Blythe and Niven acclimatized there decades ago. She capital to acquisition out added about her family’s history and itched to airing area they had.

Her aboriginal stop: Rome and the Greece. She was captivated by the Roman and Greek architectonics and beguiled with the cottony togas beat by the humans – so altered from the simple clothes she grew up with. She heard that cottony was combed from copse in China, so she absitively her next footfall would be to biking to China to see these amazing copse for herself.

At the time, the alone way to biking to the East was to accompany a band of traders on the cottony road. But, there was one botheration – girls weren’t accustomed to biking the avenue afterwards an escort. Charlotte wasn’t one to accord up that easily, so she absitively that it was time for a transformation.

She cut her hair, traded her dress for men’s clothes, and alien herself as Charles – or Charlie for short.

She awash aggregate that could accord abroad that she was a babe – except for the cord of antique chaplet that her grandma gave her afore she larboard Scotland. These she tucked central a little bag hidden in the folds of her toga.

Charlie abiding a banker from Constantinople, who was demography wine to the east, that he bare anyone to advice him with the camels. During the day she would advance the camels, and at night she would augment them, besom them down, and book their nails. It was harder work, but she enjoyed every minute of the affectionate animals’ company.

She met abounding absorbing humans from all over the abstemious – anniversary with their own stories, traditions, and religious practices – and she saw the alluring goods, like jade, ivory, saffron, tea, incense, tortoise shells, peacock feathers, glassware, and, of course, pearls.

When they anesthetized Dayun in the Fergana Valley (modern-day Tajikistan) a few months later, a horse banker abutting their band with the a lot of admirable horses in tow. Dayun was acclaimed for ancestry massive, strong, and fast horses, which fabricated them ideal war horses that were awful approved by the Han army. The horse banker was accompanied by a adolescent man, Tyan, who cared for the horses in the aforementioned way that she did for the camels.

As the alone adolescent humans in the convoy, Charlie and Tyan anon became friends. She admired the horses. She had never apparent such majestic creatures afore – their eyes were ablaze and able and their hair shimmered in the sun. Over time, she developed a band with one of the mares, and sometimes she would advice Tyan besom her down already she was done with her own chores.

One evening, as they were active wrapping up, the animals became restless. Tyan motioned to her that she should adumbrate beneath a adjacent wagon. Moments afterwards she saw four aphotic abstracts charging appear them with their knives aflame in the moonlight. Frightened, Charlie abashed her antique chaplet – like she consistently did if abashed or abashed – and she prayed for backbone and aegis for Tyan.

What the highwaymen didn’t apprehend was that Tyan was a adept knife fighter. The humans from his apple were the birth of soldiers who fought in the army of Alexander the Abundant – the apple boys were accomplished to authority a knife afore they could walk. It didn’t yield him continued to overpower the thugs and forward them running.

In the commotion, Charlie’s admired adult got apart and ran abroad in panic. They searched for her all night and assuredly begin her lying in a ditch, her leg abominably hurt. Luckily, they were abreast a monastery, and the banker she was alive for had some business in the adjacent town. They backward at the abbey until the adult was on her anxiety again. Though her leg healed nicely, she was larboard with a slight limp.

A few months afterwards they accustomed in China. It was again that Charlie abstruse that the cottony was in fact spun by silkworms, and didn’t appear from the trees. She was so absorbed by these amazing little creatures that she bought a few worms appropriate abroad application money that she becoming from searching afterwards the camels.

Tyan’s bang-up approved to advertise the adult to the Han army, but because of her limp, she wasn’t a acceptable warhorse. Grateful to Tyan for extenuative the blow of the horses, he gave the adult to him.

Charlie and Tyan fell in adulation with the culture, traditions, and the landscape, so they absitively to accomplish China their home. By now, Tyan had accomplished that his best acquaintance and body acquaintance was in fact a girl, and it didn’t yield him continued to adduce to her. He gave the adult to Charlie as a marriage gift, which she alleged Lex afterwards her great-great-grandmother, Alexys.

They acclimatized on a acreage just alfresco a baby apple in the mountains, area Charlie started to body up her cottony business, and Tyan bred horses. They lived a serene activity and absorbed themselves into the ability of their new home.

They both became acclaimed for their admirable cottony and admired horses and anon active bisected the humans from the adjacent village.

As you adapt yourself for your approaching career, bethink consistently to chase your heart. Like Charlie, you will acquisition absolutely what you are declared to do, and you will be acknowledged in annihilation to which you administer yourself.




Pearls themselves will not accompany us luck or prosperity, but audition abundant belief about our ancestors and alive that they wore those aforementioned antique chaplet that we are wearing, inspires us aswell to do abundant things.

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11 Minimalist Mindset Tips

Here are some things you should focus on if you are looking to get into a more minimalist and mindful lifestyle.

1. Take some time to go through EVERYTHING you consider yours.

When people lean towards minimalism, it’s often because they feel as though they have more things than they use. Perhaps they are experiencing clutter and mess on a daily basis, or they simply recognize how consumerism has adversely affected their lifestyles. If you feel bogged and weighed down by your possessions, you should take a day (or as many days as you need) to sit and take note of everything you own.

What are these items? How long are they meant to last? Are you a hoarder of certain items, such as makeup or memorabilia?

Gather your items and categorize them by what you use daily and what you use only on occasion.

The “occasional use” pile is huge, huh? I know mine was.

So, why do you have these things if they aren’t good for daily use? Are they things that can be borrowed or rented? Are they simply unnecessary? Then, what is your attachment to them? Do they have sentimental value of some sort, or are they just cool items you’d rather not get rid of? Overvaluing insignificant items is a problem that vehemently hinders the true growth and contentiousness of each individual.

Your first goal should be to get rid of things you know you are holding on to just to have them. It might help to create a physical list of everything you have and start crossing off what you want to (or know you should) part with. If you find it hard to part with something you know you don’t necessarily need, devise a plan to live without it for an extended period of time. Have friends or family hold these types of things for a year. If you can live comfortably without said items for a year (or more, it’s up to you) then you can go ahead and get rid of said items.

2. Give what you can away to those who might need it, sell the rest.

Mindfulness is key. Could the items you are giving away affect someone else’s life in a positive way? Hand it over!

Of course, what you do with your items is up to you, but I live by the philosophy of “The energy you put out, is the energy you receive.” By positively affecting someone’s life in some way, you won’t just be doing something good (cleaning up your life via minimalism) for yourself, but you’ll be extending that energy to those around you, which is a wonderful thing.

3.Sell what you can

Many of out useless items have some sort of monetary value. There are countless nonconsumer oriented things you can do with money (like travel!).

4. Function over aesthetics

A lot of the things we have, we decided to buy because of its aesthetic value. Beauty runs this world, and how many times have you seen a “better”, “updated” version of something you already have and found yourself wanting it? Even if it functions almost identically to the version you currently own?

Alternatively, what if it offers something that you don’t really need, but it would be nice to have and it looks cool anyway?

With minimalism and mindfulness, we stop placing unearned value on items that solve problems they create.

“But, How can an item solve a problem it creates?”

Here is an example. The apple slicer is a lovely invention. It cuts each piece of the apple evenly while removing the core of the Apple consistently every time. However, is the apple slicer a necessary item to have if you plan to enjoy your apples? Absolutely not.

5. Multifunctional tools are your best friend.

Are you the type who loves to live on the bare minimum and explore? Anela Luna, a designer, created a coat that turns into a tent. This concept was originally intended for Syrian refugees, however, the concept is great for the more adventurous of minimalists.

For the less adventurous who still find minimalism worth incorporating, items like the Lenovo’s latest laptop/tablet hybrid, the Lenovo Flex, are a perfect way to begin. Items that combine the functionalities of multiple other items in the same families are ideal. The Lenovo Flex item alone is a laptop, tablet, and library (Kindle app), all in one.

Basically, any one item that can do multiple things is worth looking into to see if it fits into your minimalist repertoire.

6. Get handy

If you can’t find something, see if you can make it! If you are looking at this article then you have some kind of internet access. Which means you are one of the many that have an unlimited access to information, tutorials, bartering websites such as, so nothing is out of reach.

Can’t find the bags you want? Maybe learning leathercraft so you can create something that is both durable and tailored specifically to your needs is the way to go! Remember, you only need to hold onto things for as long as you need them. For example, buy the leather craft tools, learn leathercraft, make what you need, then sell the tools or gift them to someone who might need them.

Get Creative.

7. Be patient with yourself.

We live in a consumerist culture. Before we understand the concept of money or even know what it is, we are told how to spend it. Understand that your desire to live a more minimal and mindful lifestyle might require a bit of an adjustment period. Maybe you were all gung ho about being minimal until you realized your own way over 100 things. It’s alright. Most of us have been accumulating things our whole lives. My mother still has blankets clothes and shoes from my infancy. You aren’t alone. You also aren’t alone in this transformation

8. Understand what type of minimalist you are aiming to become.

As I mentioned before, there are MANY types of minimalists.

Some decide to live with 50 items and forsake the ownership of a vehicle and a permanent residence, opting to travel the world. Others simply want to clear the clutter, in all its forms, out of their life. The term “minimalism” is just an umbrella term, and figure out where underneath that umbrella you fit will be a good place to start when figuring out what to rid yourself of.

9. It’s never strictly physical

Don’t just shed material excess. Shed excess from all aspects of your life. Anything including relationships, emotional baggage, f ear, negativity. Minimalism and mindfulness mean only focusing your energy on the aspects of life which allows you to grow or bring you a sense of peace and happiness. People turn to minimalism because they believe that underneath all the physical and nonphysical baggage, a calm, grounded, bliss awaits. Going through your life and riding yourself of people and situations that are not conducive to your happiness is key. Whether that be a job change, relationship change, new groups of friends, new habits, new locations, whatever. Whatever you need to be the best version of yourself, you deserve.

10. Surround yourself with people who reflect your ideas.

Remember, you can’t declutter and destress your life, bettering both yourself and your funds in the process if you are best friends with a shop-a-holic who is neck-deep in credit card debt. People who reflect your values are the people you should spend time around.

11. Share!

Social media is a wonderful tool to connect with others who share your journey, or who are where you want to be. You can find all sorts of minimalist tips and hacks. You can even share your own! Having a community is important, online or in person. A supportive network of people will help smooth over any growing pains, trust me. Support also helps you keep your head in the game.

Use minimalism to break free of boundaries and clear obstacles. Think simple.

Cougar Dating – A Young Guy’s Fantasy

Cougar dating is a fantasy for many young guys even though they may not even know that! Lots of younger guys are turned on by older woman and fantasize about the benefits of dating a cougar. Cougar singles are plentiful and there are lots of online sites dedicated to cougar dating and sexy older woman looking for younger men.

Cougar dating is quite common these days but not too long ago the fact a younger guy was with an older woman was a slightly taboo topic.

Cougars Are Not ‘Little Girls’

A cougar is the older woman and the younger man is the cub. Cougar singles are woman who are successful, attractive, independent, financially stable and sexually aggressive. They are self-assured and confident of what they want and need. Cougars can be divorcees or married woman looking for no strings attached sex and companionship. Disclaimer: I asked three cougars I dated and all are exactly like this!

How To Date A Cougar

In nature, a cougar is a predator and many cougar woman openly and aggressively flirt when looking to attract a young cub. Cougars sometimes hunt in packs though you’re more likely to be faced with a cougar at an everyday event. Cougar singles are in shopping malls, school runs, bank queues or the gyms just as much as the bars or nightclubs.

Cougar dating is easier now than ever for both the cougar singles and men looking for the benefits of dating a cougar. Fantastic cougar dating websites make it easy to connect with older women looking for younger male friendship.

The Benefits Of Dating A Cougar

Cougar dating is a way for younger men to venture into relationship with an older woman who may just want a uncomplicated sexual liaison every now and then without any of the emotional or cultural drama attached.

The benefits of dating a cougar are perfect for the cub because he gets to learn and fine tune the art of satisfying women that will put him in good stead for future more serious relationships. Cougar singles will be direct and blunt about what they want from the cub and how they want him to behave, most of which young men usually find a turn on.

If you’re lucky, your cougar dating efforts may pay off with you hooking up with a wealthy cougar who will really look after you. She’ll buy you clothes, take you to shows and festivals and shower you with gifts. This is the best of cougar dating! Disclaimer: After many years as a cub, I only found this type of cougar twice. They’re very rare, but they do hunt! Keep a look out.

Myths Exposed

There’s some misconceptions about cougar dating and the benefits of dating a cougar. Some people think, wrongly, that the cougars are aging, cheating, desperate woman who are lonely and desperate. Ahhh man, nothing could be further from the truth!

Although recent studies show that most young men are favorable to dating an older woman, cougar dating is completely at the whim of the woman! (Disclaimer: I read that somewhere.)

The cougar will select who gets to be a cub. You can initiate a conversation with her or make an introduction on a website but ONLY the cougar herself decides how much further you get.

Is It Nature At Work?

Physically speaking cougar dating makes sense on a sexual level. The cub must bring something to the relationship too. Usually this will be his raging libido and performance stamina.

Women reach their sexual peak when they’re over 30 and men at the age of around 18, so it’s actually nature at work and at its best. (Disclaimer: I read that too, somewhere.) Older women are attracted to young guys because they have the capacity to satisfy the cougar sexually… and continually… and often!

Cougar Dating – Closing Thoughts

Young men are attracted to cougars and prefer cougar dating because there’s usually no requirement for commitment to a long term relationship or pressure to marry. Along with the sexual awakening that a cougar can instigate, the cub benefits from her maturity, spirit and wisdom too.